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5 Shows to Check out in London, Ontario this January & February

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

New year, new me? Nahhhh. More like new year, more of the same me spending half my pay check on concerts! Thankfully though, there are five shows coming to London over the next two months that won't be breaking the bank and I'm stoked. If you're from Southwestern Ontario now is your time to catch some really great shows at small venues that will definitely be worth the trip to London. Read on!

1. Brother Elsey at Rum Runners

January 17th 2018

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Price: $7

Fantastically moody with all the talent and emotion to back it up, Brother Elsey is the show I'm most looking forward to this January. This group of brothers from Michigan have all the spunk of Detroit's gritty rock scene splattered emotionally across a canvas of heart break, defeat and love. Picture a love child between Snow Patrol and Band of Horses and well, there lies Brother Elsey. With only a few tracks under their belt they've still managed to impress me the few times I've seen them open and frankly, I can't wait to see this headlining gig. Did I mention tickets are seven freaking dollars?

2. Terra Lightfoot at London Music Hall

February 8th 2018

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Price: $38.65

With a voice smooth as your fav suede jacket and a sound so uniquely her own, Terra Lightfoot will be popping by London this February to perform. This Hamilton native bewilders audiences with her beautiful, angelic voice.

3. The Trews at London Music Hall

February 22nd 2018

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Price: $27.50

The Trews are back and (excuse the cliche) bigger than ever. Their 2018 release of Civilianaires is undoubtedly one of Canada's best rock n' roll albums of the year and shows real growth in their work. Still full of youthful inhibition, The Trews never disappoint live (and I'm sure even if you're not a fan, you'll know way more songs than you think). It's sure to be a party!

4. Mother Mother at London Music Hall

February 23rd 2018

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Price: $34.50

The Queens and Kings of Quirk are back in London this February the night after the Trews! Also on the heels of a spectacular new release, Mother Mother's Dance and Cry tour promises all the wild, raw and off-the-wall melodic rock n' roll fans have come to expect from the band's shows. Be prepared to feel the love in the room and the rhythm in your ears with this one. What's different since they last came through London? For starters, the way their whole latest album came together. Read all about it in my recent interview with the band.

5. Grandson & The Bluestones at London Concert Theatre

February 26th 2018

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Price: $11-30

Talk about a double whammy! This lineup of opener and headliner is going to be breathtaking. Openers the Bluestones are a two-piece rock duo out of Windsor we should all be excited about right now. Follow that up with the unapologetic, no-holds-bar, political energy brought to the room by Grandson and I can promise you it's bound to be one kick ass evening.

Peace, love & history.

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