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Album #7: Grace Street- Big Wreck

Released February 2017

Merry Christmas! Here goes day one of my top 7 Canadian albums of 2017 and it goes to…BIG WRECK!!!!! Oh sorry did the title of this blog already give it away hehe? Hope you enjoy!

Big Wreck has been a constant on the Canadian rock scene for years but really don’t get the credit they deserve. Grace Street is their fifth studio album and like all the others, it sounds clear and tight instrumentally. The real shining star of the music however is lead vocalist and guitarist Ian Thornley. While the whole band is filled with amazingly talented musicians, Ian is a completely underrated musical genius. His vocals are gravely and range quite far. Similar to that of the late Chris Cornell, Ian’s raspy voice hits emotional chords deep inside you and takes the songs where they need to go. Contrast that with the velvety smooth guitar he plays and well shit, you’ve got music.

Grace Street is funky and bluesy at times and straight up rock at other times. The lyrics are well-written and heart-wrenching, no better seen than on the radio single “One Good Piece of Me”. The intensity of the songs come across the entire album in stark contrast to the professional sound. I highly recommend picking up the album at your local mom and pop shop!

Peace, love & history.

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