• Gabrielle Bossy

April 16 2016: The Tragically Hip at the First Ontario Centre

If London came to party, Hamilton came to feel the music. They came to appreciate it one last time. They came to celebrate music. They came to show love and they came in the thousands. 19,000 to be exact, all crammed into small standing areas (that came with useless seats). As the Tragically Hip took the stage, throngs of white handkerchiefs were swung, waved and whipped in the air. This is how Hamilton said goodbye.

The first few chords of The Hundredth Meridian rang out and the crowd went bananas. From there on, they were pretty much hooked. The Hip played through old and new favourites including but not limited to Eldorado, Yer Not the Ocean and Grace Too. Gordie reminisced of a time they played in Hamilton to a crowd of….zero. He laughed with the audience, he performed and he sang the shit out of every song.

With a double encore finale that has come to be expected on this tour, the Hip played Gift Shop, Don’t Wake Daddy and Ahead by a Century for the first. The second consisted of another beautiful rendition of Fiddler’s Green and the loveable Twist My Arm. Overall it was an amazing night for music lovers who can’t thank The Tragically Hip enough.

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