• Gabrielle Bossy

Au Gres comes out of the gate with new music and it's exactly what we need right now

Out today, Au Gres has released his new track, "Nervous" and it's pretty much exactly what we need right now (if you ask me). The track has a lazy comfortability in everything from the easy-breezy synth, slow guitar and even the lyrics which candidly repeat, "Nothin' about you makes me nervous."

According to Au Gres, the lyric is "a simple, but pointed statement on allowing yourself to become comfortably vulnerable with another person." Each lyric goes into that sentiment: never feeling alone, overstaying your welcome and not worrying about it...you get it. In these crazy times (excuse my cliche), isn't that exactly what we need? A song that doesn't make us anxious, sad or anything but completely and joyfully at peace? I think so.

Bonus points go to Au Gres at the three-minute mark where the song takes a funky turn for a hot second. Lively piano and groovy guitar licks overlap one another before gliding easily back into that easy-going track.

Anyways, you should definitely check out the track on Spotify or wherever you stream your music today!

Peace, love & history.

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