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August 4th 2016: Eric Burdon & The Animals at Kitchener Blues Fest

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When Eric Burdon came 0n stage and began to talk, I was nervous. Would he talk through all the lyrics? Would his voice have the same range? In short, yes, yes it does.

Burdon (and a reformed, much younger but super talented version of The Animals) wowed the crowed as he whaled through several hits including House of the Rising Sun and We Gotta Get Out of This Place. More importantly though, Eric payed homage to the blues, the soul reason for the festival which hosts amazing artists, blues workshops and more each year. My personal favourite was a Ledbelly cover he did of Where Did You Sleep Last Night (up until this point I really didn’t think Nirvana’s version could be beat). All in all, it was a fantastic show and Burdon completely blew me away. I’ve been waiting for years to see this guy and he did not disappoint.

A word about the festival: If you’ve never been, The Kitchener Blues Fest is a pretty cool thing. The hands on workshops they host each year are such an incredible idea. I do have a few suggestions though (if by the slightest chance anybody who runs the festival reads this):

1. The bands all play under a large tent that do obstruct some vision. However, a lot of this could be solved if the VIP section ran perpendicular to the stage. As of this year, the VIPs were fenced off and took up about the first ten rows. There was a large fire lane and THEN regular audience. Although I get that this serves as incentive to buy a ticket..it kind of sucks and isn’t the norm at other festivals.

2. There were signs inside that said ‘no standing or dancing in the tented area’…well…it’s a concert so….

Don’t let these things detract you from going but this is after all a review section so I had to say my little piece! It really is a great festival.

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