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Big Wreck at The London Music Hall, February 23rd 2017

The last time I saw Big Wreck, I wasn’t that into their music. I had fallen in love with the song Wolves and decided I would go to their show at the London Music Hall and see if I liked the rest of their music (and if they cut it live).. Not only was I blown away by the fact that I knew loads of songs from the set list (like almost every single one), but I was also blown away by the talent.

Fast forward to last night’s show at The London Music Hall again and I was blown away in the same way. Canadian frontman Ian Thornley’s voice is like rubber tires on a gravel drive way while his guitar playing is smooth like butter. The combo is epic. If you think that simile is just too much, go see the band and tell me for yourself.

Photo Credit: Ryan Mueller

I was able to get into the meet n’ greet before hand (shout out to the awesome Nicole, who gave me her spare VIP pass- you rock!) where two songs were performed and then we were able to meet the band. They were really nice from what I could tell and were patient with everyone through photos etc. That made me like their music even more. The two songs they played, one of which was completely instrumental, were great teasers for what was to come.

Doors opened at eight (which actually seemed late compared to most LMH shows but what can you do) and the opening band, Ascot Royals kicked off around 10 to 9. They were poppy and fun. I could dig it.

Around 10, Big Wreck took the stage, opening with One Good Piece off their new album Grace Street. I looooooove this song. If you haven’t heard it, give it a listen. The set list was a good mix of classics like That Song, Blown Wide Open and more recent hits like Ghosts, and Albatross. They also mixed in some back catalogue as well which made everyone happy.

There are two things that really strike me about Big Wreck. The first is that although frontman Ian is amazingly talented (voice like gravel, guitar like butter, remember?) they don’t cruise on that. All the band members are super talented. The bassist is seriously kickass (and also looks like he is constantly impressed and extremely happy which makes for a really fun watch).

Photo Credit: Ryan Mueller

The second is how in and out of concentration they go (and that’s a really good thing). At times, Thornley seems like he is alone in the room, completely consumed by the music and sound. Playing with his eyes closed, I wonder for a second if he actually thinks that. The next minute though, he’s snapped out of it and is doing hilarious dances or making faces at his band mates. What’s great about it, is you never know what you’re going to get from second to second.

Overall, Big Wreck’s show at London Music Hall was a solid display of a band having a great time and playing awesome music.

Photo Credit: RyanMueller

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