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Black Pistol Fire at Danforth Music Hall, June 12th & 13th 2017

Walking out on stage, the band rocks RIGHT into their set, no questions asked, no soft warm up, no talking. A swift guitar lick, stomping boots and a real heavy drum sound gets the crowd amped right away. This two piece is loud, unapologetic and really fucking talented. At first glance, they’re a heavier White Stripes. Upon second look, they’re something completely their own.

Photo Credit: Ryan Mueller

Black Pistol Fire played two back to back nights at Danforth Music Hall opening for Gary Clark Jr. (check back for my blog on that), proving that they should definitely be head lining their own shows. Born in Toronto, Black Pistol Fire played a tight, high energy gig with influences in the blues, rock, bluegrass and soul. Listening close enough you could hear everyone from Jack White (and not just because they’re a two piece) to Alicia Keys.

Photo Credit: Ryan Mueller

Frontman Kevin McKeown made the audience explode as he jumped off the drum kit, into the crowd and sang with impassioned, fiery vocals. As if that wasn’t enough, drummer Eric Owens kept pace all night making the sound heavier and more intense.

Photo Credit: Ryan Mueller

One of the highlights of both nights was when Kevin brought his brother on stage…on bag pipes. This was probably one of the best bag pipe performances I’ve ever seen (not that I go to many Scottish events). It fit perfectly in with the sound, created something beautiful and his fingers floated across chanter (yes I had to look that up) crazy fast.

Photo Credit: Ryan Mueller

For explosive, intense sound with passion and feeling look no further than Black Pistol Fire, my favourite new band.

Peace, love & history.

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