• Gabrielle Bossy

Black Pistol Fire at Lee's Palace, Toronto, October 15th 2017

Black Pistol Fire came on stage to an aggressively excited crowd at Lee’s Palace. Since the opening act couldn’t make it, the crowd waited two hours for this home town band to kick things up a notch. Trust me though, it was worth the wait. BPF’s set was nothing short of explosive. Their 15-song set ripped from one song to the next, like a lightening-fast freight train, never losing speed or power.

“Lost Cause”, the single of the band’s newest album Deadbeat Graffiti started the night off with a bang before the band headed into two completely unique covers of Dylan and Fleetwood Mac. The impressive duo took “Oh Well” and “Subterranean Homesick Blues” (mixed with original song “Where You Been Before) to a whole new, completely high energy level before heading into their own “Hard Luck” off Don’t Wake the Riot. This bluesy rock number demonstrated a real understanding of the nitty gritty history of music and the band’s affinity to push modern boundaries at the same time.

Continuing to meld old and new together, the band played a number of songs off their newest album through out the setlist including “Blue Dream”, the sassy and dirty “Speak of the Devil” and the slowed down “Fever Breaks”. Giving it their all on stage, I’m not sure if Kevin and Eric ever came up for air. Kevin walked along the speakers and right up to the rail as he serenaded the crowd with shredding guitar. Eric, behind the kit with a smile, waled on the drums until you thought the whole thing would fall apart.

On for an encore, Black Pistol Fire gnawed their way through “Cold Sun” and “Crows Feet” to the crowd’s pleasure before paying homage to Richard Berry with a fantastic, full throttle assault on “Louie Louie”. This cover kicked the night to a whole new level and ended it in classic BPF fashion. If you still haven’t checked out this band, what the hell are you waiting for?

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