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Black Pistol Fire: Breaking Boundaries on a Canuck Tour

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Black Pistol Fire- they're a force to be reckoned with. On stage, this power duo is absolutely insane. With an intense energy that could never be fully thrown onto an album, BPF's Canadian tour was an absolute testament to their ability to make an audience go crazy. Finishing up Saturday night at The London Music Hall, Black Pistol Fire ended a string of five Ontario shows that left audiences collectively asking "what the fuck just happened?" If you missed the shows on this tour (first of all...you should follow me more closely on social media haha), read on for what you missed and don't miss it again! In no particular order, here are 7 reasons why Black Pistol Fire is here to stay.

7. They Know Their Roots

A little blues, a little rock, a little punk- Black Pistol Fire is an epic blend of old school music styles that shows they appreciate the history behind it. With influence found in everyone from Chuck Berry, Nirvana, Weezer, The White Stripes and beyond, BPF's songs span a vast array of genres while still having a completely unique style. If you're sick of bands that copy the big 70s acts, that's not what you'll find here.

6. The Beats...and the Off Beats

Can we just talk about how insanely talented drummer Eric Owen is for a second? An absolute beast behind the drum kit, Owen switches between full throttle, gut-busting drumming and groovy, slowed down beats. Having learned that less is more at times (hear more about that in my interview of him), Eric has the ability to switch back and forth easily. More over, he keeps an insane beat all while multi-tasking. On this tour you could catch him playing drums with one hand while playing a bass keyboard with the other.

5. They Play a Kick Ass Cover

When Black Pistol Fire takes on a cover song, they make it 100% their own. From a cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Oh Well" that has Kevin McKeowen stomping furiously across the stage before throwing himself off the kit and screaming into two different mics at one show to the Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil" it's tempting to say BPF out does the originals. The creme de la creme on this tour however came at the final show when Black Pistol Fire closed their encore with a completely psychotic version of Neil Young's "Ohio". Thrashing all over the stage, BPF punched up this song like nobody else could. It even ended with Kevin throwing himself into the crowd, getting up on somebody's shoulders, continuing to play and playing the frets on his guitar while audience member and guitarist from the opening band strummed for him.

4. The Songwriting

BPF playing "Fever Breaks" at The Pheonix in Toronto

After seeing a live show, you'll feel a whole new appreciation for Black Pistol Fire's writing and lyrics so go back over those albums! The clever changes in pace, the soulful words (please check out "Watch it Burn" off Deadbeat Graffiti) and the rawness of it all will have you shaking your head.

3. The Sweet, Sweet Guitar Licks

Talking about Black Pistol Fire would not be complete without talking about Kevin McKeowen's insane guitar skills. With the technical skills to back up the incredible emotion behind everything he plays, Kevin is a magician with the axe on stage.

2. Down to Earth AF

More than just being super talented though, Black Pistol Fire is down to earth. You can find them after shows talking to fans, taking photos, signing posters and even taking the time to learn their names. They're thankful to their opening acts (making sure they thanked opener Thunder Pussy multiple times every night), their crew and their family.

1. Full Throttle Stage Presence

I think this video says it all but let me reiterate. I don't know a band with higher energy on stage than Black Pistol Fire. With no pause in their set, Black Pistol Fire goes all out, all the time. Stand in the first three rows and chances are you'll be hit by sweat pouring off Kevin and into the crowd. Leave the show and your neck will be sore from nodding to the beat, your legs from dancing.

So next time Black Pistol Fire are in your area- don't miss out!

Peace, love & history.

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