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CD102.5 Day: Tourist Trap, The Glorious Sons, lovelytheband and Franz Ferdinand in Columbus, Ohio

CD 102.5 is an independent, locally-owned (you heard me, I said independent, locally-owned, even today) radio station out of Columbus, Ohio. In a radio age run by big conglomerates, they are a breath of fresh air bringing fun shows and great music to the airwaves. On Saturday night, they brought four great bands to Express Live, a venue in Columbus for an unreal night of rock n' roll.

Tourist Trap

Kicking off the night was local band Tourist Trap- a group of four guys getting their taste of rock n' roll. The sound was a bit shitty (low vocal mic) but it was great to see a group of young guys creating their own music and taking a shot at the big time. They had some catchy tunes and looked like they were having a great time.

The Glorious Sons

As always, TGS put on a great show with some epic stage presence. Unlike most of their sets, which often start with a slow-burn type jam, TGS came out swinging Saturday night. Coming on stage to "Godless, Graceless and Young", TGS did not pump the breaks one bit as they bit off "Sawed off Shotgun" much to the crowd's pleasure. "Don't be afraid of the electric guitar...we're gonna take over this country one city at a time!", lead singer Brett Emmons shouted at the crowd. With performances like this, there really can't be any doubt.


The third band of the evening was cruising on a high of their song "Broken" being the number one song in the country (USA) that day. While I can't say I'd heard it before, they were super entertaining. Not exactly my style of music, they were super fun to watch nonetheless and I definitely wouldn't hesitate to pick up their album. Two major highlights? Well first of all they covered Ginuwine's "Pony" which was hilarious. They also gave a little shout out to Hawthorn Heights and their song "Ohio is for Lovers"--- a classic throwback for any kid who loved a little emo back in the day.

Franz Ferdinand

Bringing the evening to a close, with a MASSIVE bang, was Franz Ferdinand. Here's a band who knows how to work a crowd all the while plying their ears with quirky, intelligent and groovy tunes. A little sexy, a lot of weird, Franz Ferdinand was everything I could have hoped for. The Glasgow beauties delighted the crowd, definitely had them dancing their asses off and were a pleasantly different surprise from what is on their albums (don't get me wrong, the albums are great too).

CD102.5...you did good kid.

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