• Gabrielle Bossy

Dave Mallet & Rebecca Loebe: April 14th 2015, The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville

Day two of our Nashville trip started early in the morning, leaving Cincinnati and heading to Nashville. We began our Nashville adventures with a (clearly expected) visit to Third Man Records followed by lunch at Hot Diggity Dog, one of our favourite lunch spots. After that, we took a trip to Two Old Hippies- a store that’s awesome and has cool stuff but I will probably not buy from because it’s overpriced. For supper we went to a German restaurant called Gurst Hauss where I ate my weight in schnitzel and my summer body took a hit.

The Bluebird Cafe has been open since 1982 and has seen loads of amazing artists from Garth Brooks to Dave Grohl. They are best known for their songwriters and open mic nights where up and coming artists can test out new material “in the round” where they sit in a circle in the middle of the crowd and play with other musicians. Most recently, they have been featured on the show Nashville as a very influential music destination for the main characters. Dave Grohl sings about it in the Foo Fighters’ new song Congregation.

When we arrived at the Bluebird, we were very surprised at its size. We knew it would be small but the tables were basically touching and ours was right up against the stage. It was a really unique and intimate experience! I was pleasantly surprised by the high sound quality in the cafe as I wasn’t expecting much being so close to the stage.

The first artist to take the stage was Rebecca Leobe who had fantastic voice control and endurance. She was hilarious as well! If you watch The Voice you may recognize her cover of Come as You Are but other than that she played all original work. Her voice has a bit of a haunting tone to it which I loved. Additionally, she was super nice and took the time to talk to her fans and sell her tshirts (they read “Be Nice Damnit!”) after the show. For anyone looking for new music I highly recommend checking out The Chicago Kid and You Can’t Knit Socks for a Married Man.

The headliner was David Mallet, a well-established musician and songwriter from Maine. Mallet has written songs covered by many famous and respectable musicians including THE Emmylou Harris. How cool is that? His set was absolutely wonderful with a rich, deep voice and a very respectable catalogue of music that he has cultivated over the past forty years. His most well-known song is Inch by Inch, Row by Row but I enjoyed his entire set (seriously)! My favourite was one that he wrote for his daughter Molly on her eighteenth birthday. Additionally, Mallett had an great connection with his bass player whom he’d been playing with since 1981. On a side note, the bass had a collapsable neck!

After the show, I realized the guy still has it! Women were flocking to him and he cooly thanked them and told them to check him out on Facebook. With that style in mind, I will cooly say goodnight to “y’all” and tell you to keep checking back here fo more music reviews!

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