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Eagles of Death Metal & Death From Above 1979: May 4th 2016, London Music Hall

First of all, let me start by saying that I met fucking Boots Electric! Sorry to start this with a curse-laden brag but it was pretty awesome. Prior to the Eagles of Death Metal/Death From Above Show, Boots came out and walked a line of about ten people, giving hugs, snapping selfies and signing tickets. Ryan and I had had tickets to their show in Lisbon that had been cancelled so this totally made up for it. He was just as nice in real life as you’d think.

Okay moving on from my stuff haha! This show, at a ridiculously small and awesome venue to host two huge acts, was amazing for two reasons (and they’re obvious): Eagles of Death Metal and Death from Above. EODM came out on stage dancing to CCR’s Born on the Bayou before jumping into their feel-good set that started with I Only Want You. I have to say, EODM is one of the most fun bands to see live. Their songs are party-ready, dance-ready, good times-ready and they did not disappoint. The songs spanned the albums Peace Love Death Metal, Death by Sexy and Zipper Down so fans got pretty much everything they could ask for. EODM was seriously kick ass and in my opinion, they should have been headlining (not that Death From Above 1979 isn’t amaze balls).

Death From Above 1979 came on shortly after that to a very excited and hyped up (in no small thanks to EODM) audience. This Canadian duo and creators of fantastic music didn’t even talk to each other for six years. In the documentary Life After Death From Above 1979, they blame this on an incredibly tense touring schedule where they spent way too much time together (remember when you’re a two piece band, it’s not easy if you aren’t getting along) and didn’t stay friends, Jesse Grainger’s drinking and basic unhappiness. However, the band was offered a spot at Coachella in 2011 (and due to a last minute drop out played the main stage) where thousands of fans gathered to hear them play all of their old music (a total of one album). This lead to a new album and tour which included this tour date with EODM.

The first thing that really struck me about DFA was the same thing that strikes most people. They’re LOUD. You’d never believe it was two people making all the noise. The second is that they’re completely unique. A mix of punk, grunge, electronic and metal…these guys have found their own sounds and it’s awesome. It’s so impressive to see such a fantastic reunion after such a long hiatus AND to see another incredible Canadian act.

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