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Exclaim! presents Forge Fest 2018: All the cool kids will be there and you're invited

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

193 years ago when George Tillson stood on the banks of the Otter Creek and began to establish Tillsonburg (then known as Derham Forge) he probably didn't imagine it would become a place for dirty rock n' rollers and punks but he would have imagined a place for innovation I'm sure. Well lucky for ol' G.T. innovation came in spades. Over the past two decades, a vibrant music scene has reared it's damn beautiful head in Tillsonburg, hiding for a while then reappearing as if it never went anywhere. Tillson-teens of the early and mid 2000s can recall gigs at The House, The Tillsonburg Public Library, The Legion, The Dungeon and beyond. So how can those beloved and often overlooked traditions be preserved?

The Big Picture- Forge Fest

Fast forward to today and a brand new festival premiering in Tillsonburg this Saturday July 28th celebrating just that. The first annual Forge Fest is taking place across multiple venues in Tillsonburg with wristband access that gives you access to gigs at both traditional and non-traditional venues: The Copper Mug, Sammy Krenshaw's, Boston Pizza, The Oxford Parkette and yes...even the Broadway Laundry Mat. Forge Fest (sponsored by Exlaim! Magazine among many others) is the brain child of Ben Andress- a long-time supporter of the Tillsonburg scene and owner of Blacktop Records. What can you expect? Everything from the downright bizarre to the incredibly talented.

Who's Playing

While you may not recognize a lot of the names on the roster (aside from the talented John Wozniak of Marcy's Playground), you won't be disappointed. Get back to the roots of why you love rock n' roll by supporting local bands from Southwestern Ontario in small venues. With over 30 acts supporting this festival you're bound to find band or two (or seven or twelve) you like and that you'll love rocking out to. Just to name a few- don't miss out on The Lexington Cure, the always soulful Megan Nicole and Dan fucking Price who will melt your face off. Check out the full line up.

Where to Get Your Tickets

There are loads of places to get tickets to this event so don't miss out and regret it!

For those in Tillsonburg, pick up your tickets at The Bell Store, Boston Pizza, The Copper Mug or Petro Canada (509 Broadway St. location). In the London area? Hit up Grooves Records! Not anywhere close? Just go to ticketscene! One $20 wristband will get you into the full fest! Can you beat that? No, no you can't. Better yet? The proceeds are going to the Canadian Mental Health Association! That's a win-win bud.

Head over the the website for more details.

Peace, love & history.

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