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From Kingston to King Tut's: The Glorious Sons take on the ocean

Updated: Mar 23, 2018

On February 24th, I watched in awe as The Glorious Sons mesmerized a crowd of about 5500 people. They were in their hometown of Kingston playing to a sold-out K-Rock Centre, 10 years after the Tragically Hip had inaugurated the venue. Entertaining a crowd double in size of anything they'd ever done before, you'd think they were seasoned pros. With something electric in the air and energy at an all-time high, The Glorious Sons pushed the limits working with new musicians and old ones (past bandmate Andrew Young even took the stage at one point). They played songs that have rarely been heard outside of Kingston and a huge chunk of their growing body of work.

The Glorious Sons play Kingston's K-Rock Centre, February 24th 2018

Photo Credit: Ryan Mueller

Flash forward to March 4th at The Boston Music Room in London, England. The Glorious Sons step on stage to a much smaller crowd although a surprisingly full room considering they'd only played a gig in London once before. Cheers for their hometown of Kingston are peppered through out the night with the attendance of several Canadian ex-pats in the audience. Lead singer Brett Emmons grabs the mic and laments that it's his dad's final evening on the Euro-tour with him and what an amazing time it's been.

The Glorious Sons at the Boston Music Room (London, England), March 5th 2018

Photo Credit: Ryan Mueller

The sentimentality goes out the window from there though. The band is here to play music and share it with new people. The surprising part is a lot of these new people already know the music (largely thanks to the band's presence on Spotify). I was lucky to catch the three shows that made up the UK-leg of the Euro-tour and what a kick ass leg it was to catch.

Past the London show, the band went to Manchester and then Glasgow where there were far fewer Canadians in the audience. Manchester's show was played at a really cool spot above a bar at a place called The Deaf Institute. It was super small with slanted bleachers in the back (look for more on this venue to come). This show offered a great vantage point to see how the band works hard to win over a crowd. Opening the evening with "Godless, Graceless and Young" and ending with "Kill the Lights", the boys came to play with a solid line up made up mostly of their latest album but also sharing a few key hits like "Mama" and "Sometimes on a Sunday". Highlights of that evening included Brett Emmons's stunning harmonica solo and a pretty epic vocal solo from Chris Koster on "Gimme Shelter". I Wish I had a video to share but alas I was enjoying it all too much!

The Glorious Sons at the Deaf Institute (Manchester, England), March 6th 2018

Photo Credit: Ryan Mueller

The final show in the United Kingdom took place at the legendary King Tut's Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow. First off, let me say Scottish people make a great audience. That aside, the show was incredible as usual. The crowd in Glasgow was treated to a pretty raw set of rock n' roll from old hits like "Ruby" and the "Union" to unreleased tracks like "I Want You" and the two tour covers "Gimme Shelter" and "Praise You". By far my favourite show on that tour, it was definitely worth the flight!

The Glorious Sons at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut (Glasgow, Scotland), March 8th 2018

Photo Credit: Ryan Mueller

The Glorious Sons are here to stay. They'd already established significant fan bases before ever visiting the cities they were playing. They played with vigour and had fun doing it. That showed. If this European tour proved anything, it's that they aren't going anywhere.

Peace, love & history.

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