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Gary Clark Jr. at Danforth Music Hall, June 12th & 13th 2017

Gary Clark Jr. strolled on stage casually but with purpose. He sipped from his drink as blues played over the stereo and didn’t approach the microphone until the sound technician slowly faded out the music. A smooth, bluesy guitar floated across the air as Gary began playing Catfish and his voice hit the air. Instant. Goosebumps.

Photo Credit: Ryan Mueller

Two back to back nights at Danforth Music Hall left two audiences full of music lovers heading out the door with huge smiles on their faces and great music still ringing in their ears. Gary showed the audience what true blues are all about.

From Catfish into Next Door Neighbour Blues, Gary pulled on the classic, everlasting sounds of Otis Redding and Clapton through out the night. He entertained with up beat songs, broke hearts and demanded the focus of his audience. On night two in particular, Gary turned up the passion, the energy and the excitement on stage.

Photo Credit: Ryan Mueller

Church, added to the set list on both night’s (though not written on the stage list), was a personal highlight. The song is absolutely breathtaking and performed live will make you appreciate what a truly talented and underrated musician he is. Performed under a single spotlight, this song sent shivers up my spine.

Gary was called back on stage for an encore after his set (on night two to chants of “GA-RY! GA-RY!”) where he played the aforementioned Church as well as Shaken and Numb. The audience on night two was especially lucky when Black Pistol Fire (the opener) was called back on stage to join Gary for his last two songs. Talk about amazing! Kevin, front man of BPF riffed with Gary in technical, ridiculously amazing solo after ridiculously amazing solo. All the while, Gary’s drummer, Johnny Radelat and BPF’s drummer Eric Owen played in perfect unison. It was the perfect end to two superb evenings of some of the best music I’ve heard in a long time.

Photo Credit : Ryan Mueller

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