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Happy Earth Day 2016

Once again- the forgotten holiday (let’s be real)- Earth Day, is upon us. Perhaps for the next few days, most of us will be a little more conscious of our plastic waste, littering and recycling. Many of us do this already and for that I congratulate you!

he fact of the matter is, I’m not very good at this. Sure, I recycle but I feel that I could do more! These past four months have been very enlightening for me in seeing how beautiful our world really is. I want my kids to see that. So, my fellow hippies, what lies below are five commitments I am really going to try and keep over the next year. I challenge you to make your own list.

1. Use Less Packaging

There are so many convenient snacks wrapped in plastic but really, what’s wrong with buying fruits and veg to snack on instead? It’s tasty AND not wrapped up in plastic. Plus, it’s better for your health. I’m really going to try and reduce the amount of packaged foods I eat and make a conscious effort to bring food to work in tupperware, not Ziploc bags.

2. Eat Local

Eating local has been a bigger deal to me in the past couple of years but this year I really want to try to hone that in- local beer,meat, cheese, milk, fruits and veg. From June-August I am aiming to eat strictly Ontario products at least three days a week. Most importantly, I am making a commitment to purchase only local, raw honey to support our local bee industries. SAVE THE BEES!

3. Travel Mug

I drink a lot of coffee and I can only imagine how many of my own cups have ended up in landfills. This year, I’m really going to try and keep a travel mug with me at all times.

4. Shorter Showers

Unfortunately, I’m notorious in my family for taking long showers. I’m going to make an effort to keep in under twenty minutes.

5. Cook More

Cooking large meals not only reduces packaging waste but allows for leftovers the next day. Let’s try to do this more often.

How about you guys? Any commitments you’d like to make?

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