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Incubus at Budweiser Stage, July 22nd 2017

Incubus took the stage on Saturday night to a crowd of 7200 people (Budweiser Stage holds 16,000). Most likely because of a high price point, the stadium didn’t come close to selling out the show that also featured Jimmy Eat World and Judah and the Lion but fans who did make the show were nothing less than shocked (in a really good way).

Photo Credit: Ryan Mueller

Kicking off the night, Incubus serenaded the crowd with “Glitterbomb” off their latest album 8. Right away, the audience was treated to one of the greatest vocalists of our generation- Brandon Boyd- backed by a solid lineup. The group, made up of Mike Einziger on guitar, Jose Pasillas on drums, Chris “DJ” Kilmore on the keyboard and turntable and Ben Kenney on bass played an absolutely stunning set.

Photo Credit: Ryan Mueller

From “Glitterbomb”, Incubus thanked the crowd and then went slightly heavier with “Circles” and their new single “Nimble Bastard”. While the band played several songs off their new album however, they also played old favourites like “Love Hurts”, “Dig”, the crowd-pleasing “Megalomaniac” and “Drive”.

The highlight of the evening for me came with the emotional performance of “Wish You Were Here”. The band played the song which highlights the gravitas of Boyd’s voice and then sent it into Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”. The rendition was moving and completely unique. As a side note, it’s also the first time I’ve seen a band cover Pink Floyd.

Photo Credit: Ryan Mueller

Incubus ended the evening with “Warning” off their 2001 album Morning View before heading off the stage. With their ears ringing and smiles plastered across their faces, the audience chanted for Incubus to return for their encore and return they did.

At first, Mike was the only member to take the stage. Pulling up a stool Mike played the pipa (a Chinese four-stringed instrument) creating a peaceful melody that floated across the warm night air. Slowly he moved his intro into “Aqueous Transmission” and the rest of the band joined him on stage. The song was slow and conjured images of floating down a river, leaving a calmness across the stadium as the show came to an end.

Photo Credit: Ryan Mueller

Peace, love & history.

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