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It started with a stage: The Glorious Sons at Longboat Hall, August 9th 2018

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

It started with a stage and it ended in goose bumps. On Thursday evening, The Glorious Sons invited fan club winners and close friends into the cozy Longboat Hall in Toronto for an evening of stripped down rock n' roll. With a small stage covered in cacti and area rugs, it felt as though one was invited into something incredibly special, and that was certainly the case.

Opening the evening, TGS stepped on stage and headed right into a slowed down version of "White Noise" with the chorus tune changed just slightly enough to make it somewhat haunting before playing "Sawed Off Shotgun", a song for which their upcoming tour is named. Despite the slower, quieter sound of this song, it still had a real rock n' roll vibe to it that couldn't be shaken.

The entire band sat on stools and the audience sat too, in major contrast to The Glorious Sons' regular concerts. With more story telling than normal from Brett (and that's saying something), each song came to life in a new way. Right before "My Poor Heart" Brett gave a shout out to the band's guitar tech Jesse who inadvertently sparked the song after a night of drinking when he turned to Brett and said "Man, I need to rest my poor heart." Brett went on with a heartfelt shout out to Jesse who he described as "the best investment he ever made".

Pure magic came about halfway through the set though. After not hearing the song "Heavy" for over a year, fans were beginning to wonder why. Without giving too much away (I'll save that story for the release of whatever they were filming that night), Brett told the crowd why that was. Then the band waded into a stirring rendition filled with harmonized vocals. The room was almost silent for those couple of seconds when the song ended, just wading into the goosebumps the music had caused before erupting into applause.

After that Brett was left on stage alone to perform a song he wrote about his parents- "One Church Town"- before being rejoined by guitarists Chris Koster and Jay Emmons for "Come Down" and Josie". Then, Brett said "I didn't write this song. I don't know what it's about." With Koster at the piano, they covered Kanye's "Runaway".

With the band all back on stage, they played a fairly new song also not heard live before when they performed "Pink Motel". With no back story necessary, the song filled the room of music lovers soaking in what they were seeing.

Closing the evening, the band played "Thank You For Saying Goodbye" and "Amigo" with big time emotion. Just like that, the night ended with more goosebumps.

For those interested, here's a playlist with the songs (except Pink Motel which isn't available on Spotify):

Peace, love & history.

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