• Gabrielle Bossy

January 27 2016: Coheed & Cambria at SO36, Berlin, Germany

After two great opening bands, one from Berlin and one from Reykjavik, Coheed and Cambria took the stage to the audience’s delight, opening straight away with Island. Lead singer and guitarist Claudio sang the first few songs behind his infamous curtain of curly long hair before addressing the crowd, happy to be in Germany.

The band went on to play a solid 13-song set with an additional two encore songs. A great mix of new and old, the set featured exciting showmanship, superb technical skills and overall great music. Perhaps the best part (as at almost every Coheed show) was during the encore when Claudio played a double neck guitar behind his back during Welcome Home. Even though he’s known for doing this, it never gets less exciting.

Overall, it was a great night!

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