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July 17th 2015: Rock the Park with Mother Mother, The Arkells and more!


Rock the Park 2015 was another success in my mind. I went to the alt rock night, basically for another chance to see Mother Mother (who I love). Thanks to FM96 who I won the tickets from! Since there were so many bands, I’ll try to keep my descriptions brief. The festival itself was well set up but lacked excitement besides the music. Vendors were sparse and booze were crazy expensive but….who really cares about anything but the music? I am consistently impressed by the lineup they get every year. London is becoming a serious music destination, I swear.

I got there about half an hour after gates, just in time to catch the end of the Brave New Shores set. They’re a groovy little band and I would recommend you check them out.

Next on was Young Empires who aren’t really my thing but who were well-rehearsed and polished. They’re a little poppy for my taste but by no means a bad band. They have some good sound overlays that were kind of cool.

Following Young Empires were Born Ruffians. I was surprised to see that this band was a pretty huge hit with the younger crowd (and the crowd was basically all youngans). Definitely a band I would have been into as a teen, Born Ruffians had great stage presence and a nice vibe. I can dig it.

Finally, Tokyo Police Club came on. I’ve missed seeing Tokyo Police Club a few times by a hair so I was glad to finally be seeing a full set. I was pleasantly surprised by their set list which featured many songs I knew from back in the day. I wasn’t overly impressed but I still enjoyed the set.

Mother Mother was by far the best band of the night in my opinion. They have awesome stage presence and even better songs. I don’t know any other band that sounds like them so their uniqueness definitely adds an element of passion to their music. Their set was pretty hit heavy with songs like Monkey Tree and Get Out the Way as well as an awesome version of Hayloft. The lead singer also introduced Lana Del Ray’s Videogames cover as something they almost never do but…that was a lie because they performed the song at London Music Hall earlier this year. Regardless, it’s an awesome cover and really showcases the vocals in the band. Overall, the set was fantastic although the sound set up was off.

Last but not least, Arkells took the stage. Being that this was my fifth time seeing Arkells, I was still impressed. They’re band has great stage presence, excellent lead vocals and (my favourite) an AMAZING keyboardist. Seriously, the guy has major skill. It has been wonderful to see the band progress over the last few years from my frosh week band at Trent with a few great hits to a full set of songs everyone knows this year.

Rock the Park 2015 was a great time for a great cause and I hope they raised loads of money for Bethany’s Hope Foundation.

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