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Matthew Good Band at The London Music Hall, March 3rd 2017

I hate when guys wear white sneakers…and that’s pretty much the end of my Matt Good critique because there’s really not much critical information I can share with you. Last night, Matthew Good lit up the London Music Hall (literally…set a light on fire) and put on an awesome performance. The classic album, Beautiful Midnight in a revised version (Beautiful Midnight Revisited) has brought Good back on the road and fans are eating it up.

Photo Credit: Ryan Mueller

Last time I saw Matt Good was at Rock the Park and to be frank, I was underwhelmed. In part, it was because the sound was crap but in another part it was because Good lacked stage presence and seemed like he didn’t want to be there. Maybe he didn’t. Last night was awesome though. Good interacted with the crowd in that rye, sarcastic and hilarious way. His vocals were on point and the emotion in the songs was evident.

Starting off the night, MGB rolled through Giant, Hello Time Bomb and Strange Days, immediately exciting the audience. It sounded so great. Later in the set list, he rolled through tracks keeping some exactly as the original and others changed up slightly. The highlights of the night for me were lead guitarist, Stuart Cameron using an electric drill to create sound during Load Me Up and Good heading over to the bar to sit on it and sing in the middle of the set. The energy was high and it was great.

Photo Credit: Ryan Mueller

Photo Credit: Ryan Mueller

MGB came on for their 4-song encore and rifled through Advertising on Police Cars, Decades, Apparitions and Weapons to thunderous applause. Weapons was actually my favourite performance of the night in the end so it was a great way to end the evening.

Photo Credit: Ryan Mueller

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