• Gabrielle Bossy

Phantogram at The Pheonix Theatre, October 19th 2016

This was my first time seeing Phantogram live and they weren’t quite what I expected. I had listened to their album Eyelid Movies a lot in the last couple of months so when I heard they were coming to Toronto, I was super excited to see them. To be frank, I wasn’t sure if the show would be all that good as sometimes electronic music can be lacking in live performance but it was pretty friggin’ great.

Photo by Ryan Mueller

The set ranged in variety from Funeral Pyre to some of my favourites like Futuristic Casket and Mouthful of Diamonds. The music sounded really great: it was on pitch, tight and entertaining. The light show was a bonus (as a side note, it reminded me a lot of the light show put on by How to Destroy Angels).At one point of the night, the lead singer Sarah Barthel, dawned a cape and made it start smoking as if she was being set on fire. I would have really loved to hear Bloody Palms but you can’t win ’em all!

Photo by Ryan Mueller

The night ended with an energetic rendition of You Don’t Get Me High Anymore which rocked and ended the night on a great note. Afterwards,the band stuck around and signed vinyl for anyone who bought their album. I love when artists do this so bonus points to them!

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