• Gabrielle Bossy

Sam Roberts Band at London Music Hall- January 23rd 2017

Seeing Canadian musicians kick serious ass might be one of my favourite things in the whole wide world and the Sam Roberts Band is no exception. Last night’s show at the London Music Hall was a fantastic display of Canadian talent.

The opening band, Hollerado, came out with loads of energy and excitement for the show. With a tight set, including a few tunes you may know like Juliette, they did a great job getting the audience pumped up and ready for the main act. They joked around, telling the audience that they had played in Toronto the previous night and had a “fucking miserable time” but that “tonight was making up for it”. Well, tell that to any audience and they’re bound to love you a little more. I’d definitely recommend giving them a listen if you haven’t already.

Sam Roberts Band came on around nine and played somewhere around 20 songs (setlist hasn’t been posted yet). Playing numbers off his newest album, Terraform as well as hits like Don't Walk Away Illene, Human Heat and a variety of songs from his (and the band’s) entire discography, the act was a crowd pleaser.

The coolest part of the show for me was Sam Robert’s guitar. He explained to the audience that it was made from a maple tree and was created for Canadian musicians to hold for a short period of time before passing it along to another Canadian musician of their choosing. The first to play this guitar was Paul Langois of the Tragically Hip who passed it on to Sam. At the end of this summer, Sam will pass it on too. When Sam switched to this guitar, the pace of the show seemed to really pick up! It was awesome.

Finally, Sam Roberts ended with my (and many other’s) personally favourite, Brother Down. And so, another evening of great live music concluded.

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