• Gabrielle Bossy

September 20th 2015: Riot Fest Toronto, Eagles of Death Metal and Cohered & Cambria

Photo from Billboard Magazine

Riot Fest 2015 was great! As expected, the venue at Downsview Park was a muddy, rainy mess and nobody cared because the music was awesome. I was going with the sole purpose of FINALLY seeing Eagles of Death Metal live. So you can imagine how annoyed I was when I was still caught in traffic while their set had begun. Parking is definitely something the festival could work on.

By the time I actually got through the gates, I only caught about four songs out of EODM set. Let me just say…those four songs alone were worth the drive and ticket price. Eagles of Death Metal, led by Jesse or “Boots Electric” has an amazing stage presence and they make you want to party! I was also happy to hear that I did not actually miss anything because their set started late due to rain- four songs was all they played!

Coheed and Cambria was the final band I stayed for (mostly because I had to park really far away in a super sketchy parking lot that I didn’t want to walk back in, in the pitch dark). This band, hailing from New York, has a rich and full sound that filled the park. I’d say they’re actually a great band to see at a festival. Their set was pretty standard for C&C ending on one of everyone’s favourite songs– Welcome Home. Usually, Claudio, the lead guitarist and singer plays this on a double neck guitar, partly behind his head. I’m sad to say this time it was single neck but I was still impressed!

Overall, what I saw of the festival was fantastic. The site itself was set up pretty cool with the standard multiple stages, a ferris wheel and games, concessions and all that fun stuff you expect in a summer festival. An improvement in parking would go a long way to making it an easier day for everyone but the music was great so really, who’s complaining?

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