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The Continuation of the Yorkville Hippie Haven

After a week-hiatus from digital history and blogging I’m ready to get back in the game! I’ve been thinking a lot about the size of this hippie haven while I’ve been waiting for my makedos to arrive in the mail. They’ve finally arrived by the way! I realize the idea of recreating a coffee house seems a little bit big given the fact that I have to get the project to school and allow for all the other students in my class to show their projects too. SO, I’ve altered a little bit but not all the way. I will be making mine the world’s smallest rock museum. It will fit ONE person inside to “chill”, use layar activated posters, try out my home-made gramophone and learn about the Yorkville music scene during the 1960s. It will be approximately the size of a dining room table. A lot of it will have to be built in our office at school to avoid getting ruined by transportation.

The outside will be decorated in all different colors, using some of the symbology from the coffee house scene at the time. For example, one side will feature a bicycle with a giant front wheel just as the Penny Farthing coffee house had during the sixties. Additionally, it will feature a lot of the symbols we currently associate with hippies- daisies, peace signs etc. The following are some VERY ROUGH sketches of what it might look like. I’ve also toyed with the idea of making it look more like a Victorian house from the outside since a lot of coffee houses in the Yorkville area were built inside of old Victorian houses. For now though, I’ve gone with the typical graffiti-hippie look.

In terms of the posters inside I’ve selected a few vintage coffee house posters that I would like to activate. At a conference I was at this weekend I heard of another augmented reality app besides layar called augment that I might try out as well to learn a new program.

Anyways, that’s where I’m at for now but there’ll be a follow up soon!

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