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The Glorious Sons at CBC Music Live, October 13th 2017

The Glorious Sons are cooler than the underside of your pillow and on Friday night they proved that. A small group of people from The Glorious Sons’ newsletter list (aka The Union) were invited to an intimate show at CBC Music in Toronto where they were treated to an hour and a half of solid music experiences.

Starting the evening, the fans were filtered into a hallway where they were offered a Budweiser (fo’ free!) before heading into a recording studio. Filling the room in a big circle around a full band set up, The Glorious Sons came in a few minutes later to film and record a set of brilliant songs.

The band kicked off the night with the upbeat track “Shotgun” off their new album that just dropped that day (Young Beauties and Fools). From there, the set was mostly from YB&F but the band managed to mix in a few oldies (but goodies) including “Kill the Lights” , “Shapeless Art” and the always moving “Sometimes on a Sunday”. The Glorious Sons, led by lead singer Brett Emmons bantered with the crowd, joked with each other and of course treated them to some good ol’ rock and roll.

For most fans, this was the first time they had heard most of the tracks on Young Beauties and Fools, so the experience was all the better. Their live performance made the album come alive, especially the tracks “Thank You For Saying Goodbye” and “Hide my Love” which showed a massive outpouring of emotions.

The best part of the evening came at the very end. The band went into the green room to check out the recordings before returning and commenting on the fact that they hadn’t played their single “Everything is Alright” because Emmons was having some issues with his voice. However they went for it anyways. It sounded pretty damn good!

Despite that, Brett unexpectedly invited the entire crowd up around the microphone to sing the track with him. It was an epic ending to a pretty epic night!

Peace, love & history

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