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The Roamin' Jasmine, April 16th 2017, The Maison & Bacchanal, New Orleans

New Orleans is a city filled with beautiful music. Any walk through the downtown promises the sweet sounds of incredibly talented musicians playing in the street and in the many, many bars. It makes New Orleans a completely magical place to visit but for an artist, the mission of standing out amongst a sea of talented musicians must be a constant worry. We recently visited The Maison on Frenchmen street and were lucky enough to catch an incredible bluesy-jazz band called Roamin’ Jasmine. That night we went to a wine bar called Bacchanal (if you’re visiting New Orleans, this is a must for your travel itinerary) where funnily enough, The Roamin’ Jasmine played another set!

Photo Credit: Ryan Mueller

Roamin’ Jasmine is a five-piece band (although at Bacchanal they had a drummer hired as well) that plays some of their own songs as well as classic blues, 1960s jazz, country hits and more. Mixing their New Orleans sound with the earthy vocals of band leader and bassist Taylor Smith, their music is impossible not to love.

Photo Credit: Ryan Mueller

While I enjoyed both sets start to finish, my favourite tunes were Wartime Blues and Lonliness. These songs had an old-timely feel that you don’t hear often in the 2000s. Mix it together with a warm, beautiful Louisiana evening, an incredible cheese platter (sorry had to slide that in there) and a nice bottle of wine, the band couldn’t have been better. These guys definitely have a new fan in me.

Peace, love & history.

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