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Twin Forks: Saturday November 8th 2014, Call the Office

Do you remember in grade nine when you would come home from a day of high school or a night out with your friends and lay down on your bedroom floor in the dark with your head by your ghetto blaster and listen to music? This was a ritual for me. I guess it’s how I fed my teenage angst and hormonal ups and downs. I would lay there for hours, long past the time my mom knew I was up, listening to bands like Dashboard Confessional, Death Cab for Cutie and anything my sappy teenage heart could get its hands on. Although I’ve grown out of a lot of those bands (not Death Cab…never Death Cab) and lying on the floor at obscene hours, once in a while I’ll catch one of these songs and my mind goes right back to grade nine. Saturday night, I didn’t just catch one song but rather a whole set and the weird thing was…I’d never heard the music before.

Twin Forks is a band that feeds any of that teenage angst still left in you (and don’t we all have some). Front man Chris Carraba (of Dashboard Confessional) and his band of merry men and women played folk music at Call the Office on Saturday night but something about it still made me feel this way. Dine Alone Records has scored a great band here made up of talented musicians and singers. The mandolinist was particularly wonderful and spunky. The most admirable thing about this band though? Carabba’s willingness to start from the bottom. Rather than monopolize on the former fame of Dashboard, which was a “selling out arenas” kind of band, he has worked hard to get back where he was by touring in vans and doing the regular rock n’ roll thing. I think that shows.

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