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I'm a lover of all things music, history...and charcuterie boards.  I love swimming (in fact I'm trying to swim in 40 lakes before I'm 40) and going to concerts.  Follow along on this blog for a good mix of live reviews, artist interviews, musical history and about 10% random posts about things I love or feel passionately about.  ​

My love for history started in high school when I had three amazing teachers who influenced, challenged and pushed me to be a critical, compassionate thinker.  In my senior year of high school, one teacher in particular played a massive influence in my choice to continue with the subject.  He brought history to life in the classroom and I wanted to ignite that spark for others too.  As a result I went to his alma mater Trent University to get my Undergrad in history. 


Trent was and is possibly the best university in the world (ok I'm biased and I know it).  While it's small and totally hippie-centric, my tiny classroom sizes and unique experiences spurred my love for learning.  I continued to pursue this in my graduate studies. 

In 2013 I attended Western University to get my Masters degree in Public History.  I kept up my studies all the while attending concerts and starting my own blog. we are today- a blog that started as a classroom project has grown into my passion project and has allowed me to write about the things I love. 

This blog is meant to be a space for change. Music has the power to unite people across the world from different races, genders, beliefs and sexualities. I want this blog to not only perpetuate that love but fight tirelessly against injustice. 

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