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Let's work together!

Great news! Not only can you read my work, you can use it to your advantage too! I've done loads of copy writing over the years and that means I'm versatile. I can be cheeky. I can be serious. Whatever you need, I will capture your business/passion project/band. . . or whatever you need because it's what I love to do. I've written copy for everything from band bios and album reviews to accounting and tourism websites. The best part? I'm cheap. 

Need some copy writing done? Gimme a shout! 

Client Love

"Working with Gabby is a pleasure. She is responsive and adaptive to her client's individual needs and feedback. Her diligence in research and her creativity are evident in her written work. Gabby brings a voice to the story you want to tell."

- Emy Brubacher, Bossy Nagy Group

Get In Touch

"Gabby provided us with a creatively written band bio. She had a very quick turn around and made sure to capture our style. We will definitely continue to use her services for our band's future writing needs." 

- Sara Wade, Paige's Ashes

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