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5 Albums of My Quarantine

Holy actual shit. Can you believe how long we've been living in this pandemic? If you're anything like me, it's been one weird ride. At times, it's great, at times it's weird and at times it's a little bit terrifying if you stop and think about it. ANYWHO. I'm very thankful for some of the music that has been getting me through this time, for the little break (ok big break) I've taken and of course my small bubble of people.

I've put the top five albums that have been on non-stop for me these past few months below as well as a rad podcast my friend Nicole recommended below. Please enjoy! I'm going to be back at regular posting soon enough now!

RTJ4 - Run the Jewels

This album was released at the beginning of June and has been on repeat ever since. Released in the wake of George Floyd's murder, this album is full of raw emotion and political balls. It looks systemic racisim in the face and tells it like it is.It has some really cool beats and some amazing features from artists like Zack de la Rocha, Pharrell Williams and Josh Homme. Seriously do yourself a favour and check out this album.

2. Dreamland - Glass Animals

This album is dreamy as hell just like the title implies. The perfect summer album, it's made for those warm weather days. Be sure to check out the tracks "Heat Waves" and "Tangerine" to see what I mean!

3. The Late Show - The Beaches

K this album did not come out during quarantine at ALL. Actually I never said that was the case for this list so there! :)

K so confession: I did not like the Beaches music at first...then The Professional came out and I was hooked. So recently I've taken another swing at The Late Show and spoiler alert: it's way more bad ass than I originally gave it credit for.

4. Samsara - Los Coast

Ugh seriously, this album is so good. I caught these guys open for Gary Clark Jr. a couple years back at The Ryman but recently revisited their work.

Tracks like "Monster" and "(Everything But) the Kitchen Sink" are groovy and full of high-energy spirit where as tracks like "The Morning Weight" are perfect for slowing things down.

While you're at it checking out the album, be sure to also check out their new(ish) single, "Elvis Presley Blues" , a Gillian Welch cover.

5. Live from Purgatory - Brother Elsey

This live release from Brother Elsey is just three songs long but the first track "This Morning's Purgatory" is worth it alone. With relatable themes, the beautiful harmonies the band of brothers have become known for and some awesome arrangements, I love it.

Finally I just want to give a shout out to the podcast Nice White Parents on Spotify. If you're a white person, you should definitely give it a listen. I took a lot away from it about how my white privilege may show up without me even realizing it. I hope you get something out of it too!

Peace, love & history.

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