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Climbing the South Coast: Iceland Day 3

Day three in Iceland was awesome. We spent most of the day climbing mountains and waterfalls for some of the best views of my life.

Seljanfoss and Glijfurafoss (cave)

This was perhaps my favourite part of the day. After a beautiful drive to the falls, watching the sun come up, we arrived. We climbed up a super icy hill to get behind the first fall on site. It was really cool.

This is where most people went back to their cars, figuring the tour was over. Luckily, one of our group members researched and knew there was also a really cool cave on site that we could climb into and see another waterfall from the inside. After doing a couple of climbs in between, I entered what was possibly my favourite part of the entire trip (tied with the blue lagoon). It was so cool!!!!

Photo by Ryan Mueller


The second set of falls we went to see were pretty awesome too. From the start, we thought it was just another typical waterfall but after climbing to the top…and up a butt load of stairs ( I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say fifty flights) the base of the waterfall turned out to be an even better view. The water was an amazing dark blue colour.

Photo by Ryan Mueller

After this, we made a quick pit stop to see a glacier!

Wrecked US Navy Plane

From the glacier we drove to Solheimansandur beach where the sand was completely black, the waves were crashing and a plane was laid in wreckage (wow what a dramatic scene I just painted). In. 1973 US Navy Diuglas Super DS. 3 made an emergency crash landing here after experiencing severe icing. Thankfully, nobody died and the wreckage is still there for some reason unbeknownst to me.

Photo by Ben Brown (unedited)

Finally, I ended my day on a great note with a skype to my mom and nephews. Obviously I screen shot it!

Peace, love & history.

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