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Coming Along...

Slowly but surely the rock n’ roll museum is coming along! I have the basic structure done and have painted two walls. The biggest piece of work will be getting the albums and layar activating them in time for the project presentations. Also, decorating the inside will be challenging to finish inside but I plan to line the inside with old album covers that are layar activated. These will be the ones you can play. Then you will be able to scan the covers on the wall and watch a movie about their importance. If I can find copies of my top ten favorite albums that are used and fairly cheap (since my turntable needle isn’t the same quality as a regular one) then that would be ideal. Here are some photos of the basic structure thus far and my wall painting (which is pretty psychedelic if I do say so myself).

You’ll walk in through the opening at the end and then the big part at the opposite end is where you will sit down on a yoga pillow, chill out and listen to the turntable.

The inside of the structure…lots to go but we all know I do everything better under pressure!

I’d love to say I drew this free hand but really I traced it off a projector haha.

One wall down! I’ve also finished another but forgot to photograph it before heading home for the weekend.

So that’s it for progress on the rock n’ roll museum thus far.

As for the turntable itself, you saw it was working last week in its prototype mode. I’ve begun to build a wooden base for it and worked on a new spinner. My teacher thoughtfully built me an entire crank with a belt! I’ve decided to modify it a bit. I may still use the crank but I’ve put the dowel through a barring so it spins more easily and I’m in the process of building a better looking amplifier (or horn or….whatever you would call the thing on the end of a gramophone). Anyways that’s all for now folks! Keep tuned in.

Peace, love & history.

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