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Crate Diving is Good for the Soul

While other engagements have meant I’ve had very little time to work on my physical rock n’ roll museum over the weekend, I have been able to make a little bit of progress and it has helped put a smile on my face. Yesterday I got a bit of a break and was able to go crate diving for records to Layar activate all over London before heading back home. I checked Speed City, Sunrise, Grooves and the Village Idiot for used vinyl by my top classic rock artists. When I layar activate the album art, you’ll be able to see a video about the history of the artist or the album itself if it was particularly influential.

Also I have to thank Robert at the Village Idiot (located in Wortley Village) who allowed me to go through his good will crates and take what I wanted for free because he wanted to help me with my project. If you’re looking for some unique vinyl at reasonable prices, look no further- this place is a gem. By the end of my crate diving day I managed to find a good amount of records and I feel pretty good about it.

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