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Day One: Cincinnati Skyline Chilli

The cool thing about about travelling all over for concerts and music events is that you begin to see familiar faces, meet loads of new people and eventually make some pretty great friends. Last night, Ryan and I stayed in Cincinnati at our friends’ house (thank you Mindy, Ryan and Connor). We met them at Record Store Day a few years ago and have kept in contact ever since.

Last night, they treated us to a historic Cincinnati “delicacy” called Cincinnati Skyline Chili. Don’t be fooled-it’s hardly chili. This chili is sweet with hints of cinnamon and other spices you wouldn’t find in your typical chili dish. It’s much thinner than your run of the mill chili and get this, you put it over spaghetti noodles with sour cream, shredded cheddar, onions, crackers and hot sauce. It reminded me of something weird I would have made up to eat during undergrad but let me tell you- it was tasty!!!!!! Thanks for having us Mindy, Ryan and Connor!

According to Wikipedia (hey I’m vacation so I choose my sources accordingly), Cincinnati Chili originated around 1922 when two Macedonian restaurant owners, Tom and John Kiradjeff, tried to open their customer base by serving meals beyond their ethnic dishes. They first served it at their hot dog stand outside The Empress, a burlesque theater at the time.

If you want to try your own Cincinnati Skyline Chili, you have some travelling to do partner! It’s only sold in Cincinnati.

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