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History Meets the Future: A Friday Historical Trip tony Best Friend's Proposal

Let me set the scene. It’s a beautiful fall Friday afternoon at Cranberry Creek Gardens and I am driving my friend Lucy along with her sister Hannah to Cranberry Creek Gardens in Delhi. Little does she know, her boyfriend Alex is hiding ready to propose. Long story short- she said yes (as if I would be blogging about it if she said no)!!!!

So how did we possibly get Lucy to some random church with beautiful gardens on a back country road you may ask? Well it turns out my blog comes in handy! We were able to convince her I was assigned to blog about historical churches and wanted her to be in some photos of the church at Cranberry Creek. She practically ate the plan out of the palm of our hands. But that’s not all- the Church and grounds of the gardens turns out to be impressively historic and most certainly something to blog home about.

The Church itself was moved to the site from Belleville. It was built in 1881 and is still pretty much in its original state with original pews inside. When you step in you definitely take a huge step back! The grounds themselves are also beautiful with some great gardens kept neat by the owner of the grounds, Jody Bondar.

Also on the grounds is an old building built by the Federal Bank of Canada. Originally built in 1915, this historic building was also transported to the site and is now spiced up with some old-school charm. It is currently used as a meeting room or “getting-ready-room” for weddings. It’s been kept in great condition!

Overall it was a beautiful day and a great combination of history and future. I love how the owner has used historic buildings and kept them relevant by using them in their original form for concerts, photography options, weddings and a romantic proposal destination. One point for history!

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