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It Looks Good but Does it Work?

In short, no. At least not yet.

And really, does it even look that good?

In short, no. At least not yet.


Today I started working on the physical gramaphone for my world’s smallest rock n’ roll museum. I have the main body. The pin, cone and records are all in the right spot. So far however, my pencil is just a little to small inside the record player to actually spin the records. I tried using cardboard pieces underneath and on top, no luck. I tried fattening the pencil with masking tape and that didn’t work either because the tape just slides up rather than actually filling the hole. I think I’ll need a slightly bigger dowel and two plastic pieces to replace the cardboard pieces to spin the vinyl itself. I tried spinning the vinyl with my own hands which didn’t really work although it did make some kind of sound!

Upwards and onwards!!

Peace, love & history.

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