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Making Gains with Layar

Over the past couple of weeks I have been working on the second half of my digital history project on Annandale National Historic Site. This project uses two mediums: wordpress and layar to create an interactive experience for the user to learn about the site as it was in the 1880s under the original owners E.D. and Mary Ann Tillson. Additionally it will showcase E.D.’s model farm that was on the same property and was a modern marvel when built. Over the next week I will be adding pages to this site, experimenting with the app, layar, and hopefully learning a lot! Layar is an app that can be downloaded on one’s phone or tablet for free. On their website, I have uploaded a number of “pages” and embedded YouTube videos as well as image carousels that allow the user to flip through numerous photographs of the site. The site will have an extremely explicit instructions page to make use of the site as optimal and easy for the user as possible. You can check out the progress as the site goes up live at OR you can try downloading the app now and scanning this photograph of the formal dining room to see a panoramic YouTube video of it. Please note however if you do choose to follow the site as it goes up, it still needs to go through its final editing process and citations will be added as the week progresses.

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