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The Blarney Stone

Well folks, my time in Ireland has come to an end and I’m going to miss it like crazy! I’ve met great friends, traveled to amazing places and created memories that I know will last until I’m ninety and knitting in a rocking chair. Quite soon (once I’ve finished all my blogs on Europe), this blog will be making a major shift from history writing to exclusively that of music history. Hopefully that pleases you guys!

Moving on.

During my last couple of days, I visited the Blarney Stone to take some luck (turns out that’s not what you get) back to Canada with me. After waiting in a line that moved fairly quickly, trekking up through Blarney Castle, I was hoisted over a ledge by an older (rather flirtatious) gentlemen who ensured I would not fall while leaning backwards and kissing a brick wall like thousands of people before me. Believe it or not, I did not catch herpes! At least if I did, I don’t know it.

Blarney Castle is located on a beautiful, grassy field and surrounded by lush and gorgeous gardens. The limestone castle stands strong today and guests are invited from all over the world to climb up the narrow stairs to the top of the castle to kiss a single blue stone built into the castle. As myth would have us believe, this ancient tradition gives one the gift of eloquent speech. Signs there tell the difference between blarney and baloney in that blarney is the gift to tell the “varnished truth” where as baloney is to tell an “unvarnished lie”. There are many myths surrounding the stone, but it seems that the stone itself was made part of the castle in 1344. That’s a pretty old stone!

If you ever get the chance, I definitely suggest visiting Blarney Castle and Gardens. It’s a beautiful spot to enjoy the day strolling through the gardens and perhaps having a picnic lunch.

Peace, love and history.

P.S. Below are a few photos of my trip to Blarney

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