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The Josh Homme to Dean Fertita Connection (Part 1)

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

Remember a few posts ago when I said Josh Homme was a touring member of The Screaming Trees which connected him to the Seattle grunge scene? Well…there’s more. Over my next two posts, I’ll be connecting a whole host of musicians to one guy- Mr. Dean Fertita. This two part blog will focus on two family trees: The Josh Homme lineage and the Jack White lineage. So here goes part one- Josh Homme, Dean Fertita and family.

Dean and Josh’s timeline almost follow each other’s but let’s lay some background down. Back in the late 90s, Dean was busy with various music projects, most notably a band called The Waxwings. Releasing three full length albums in their career, this rock band assumably disbanded in 2005 (at least that was the last time we heard from them).


Just before The Waxwings, Josh Homme had formed a band called KYUSS (a.k.a. Sons of KYUSS). KYUSS was fairly successful and to this day have a small cult following. Members included John Garcia, Scott Reeder, Alfredo Hernandez, Chris Cockrell, Brant Bjork, Nick Oliveri and of course, Homme.

Formed in Palm Desert, KYUSS released four full length albums during their career and broke up in 1996. As a side note, while touring, KYUSS had a guitar tech named David Catching (he’ll be an important connection later). Onwards and upwards.

Mondo Generator

Formed by Nick Oliveri in 1997, Mondo Generator didn’t reach huge fame but does have some followers among hardcore Queens of the Stone Age fans. The band name itself comes from a 1992 KYUSS song. On the debut album, Mondo Generator had a very familiar lineup- Nick Oliveri, Josh Homme, Brant Bjork, Rob Oswald and Karl Doyle. While Homme left in the early years of M.G., and the band has faced a few lineup changes over the years, Mondo Generator still remains today. They continue to make new music and tour.

Queens of the Stone Age

Homme, who had been in KYUSS since he was 14 decided to disband the growing musical troupe in favour of a new direction. From this, Queens of the Stone Age (one of the most bitchin’ bands of our time if I do say so myself) was born. Enter Dean Fertita who in 2007 joined QOTSA on guitar and keyboards. Other members include David Catching (who you may remember as KYUSS’ guitar tech) who was in the band until 2000 and was featured on the first four albums, Troy Vanleewen (Iggy Pop’s band, Eagles of Death Metal) who was in the band from 2000-present and Joey Castillo in the band until 2012. Needless to say, Dean laid a lot of crucial musical connections by this time.

Iggy Pop

Branching out from Queens of the Stoneage was easy for Homme and Fertita after that. Onwards, Fertita and Homme moved to collaborate with punk icon Iggy Pop on an album called Post Pop Depression. Produced by Homme, the pair toured with Iggy alongside Troy Vanleewen (Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal).

A Perfect Circle

Although Dean wasn’t a member of a Perfect Circle, it’s worth mentioning because Troy Vanleewen was along with A-lister Maynard James Keenan and Matt Junkins (Eagles of Death Metal, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Puscifer). The web continues.

Eagles of Death Metal

Way back, along the formation of Queens of the Stone Age and KYUSS an epic friendship of sorts was struck between Josh Homme and a guy named Jesse Hughes (aka Boots Electric). Starting in high school, the friendship grew strong and eventually turned into the epicness that is Eagles of Death Metal. Here’s where the web all ties together. I give you, the members of Eagles of Death Metal: Josh Homme (duh), Jesse Hughes, David Catching (guitar tech for KYUSS, Queens of the Stone Age), Joey Castillo, Troy Vanleewen (not a member but did extras on Heart and Death by Sexy) and finally, I give you (guess you can’t guess who)…DEAN FERTITA who played bass on the 2010 tour.

And so one side of the family tree is complete. Keep an eye out for my next post on Dean Fertita’s Family Tree- the Jack White branch.

Peace, love & history.

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