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Vibes this Week: June 4-10

Well, it's Thursday and that means a new playlist is up. I've been feeling angry this week and I hope you are too. Police brutality is not ok. Racism is not ok. This playlist has a lot of anger, a lot or protest and some other stuff too. In particular, the first track is incredibly powerful. Gary Clark Jr. is not only one of the most brilliant blues musicians...ever...he's also an incredibly intelligent voice that we should all be listening to. I definitely recommend checking out the video for this song and Gary's Instagram page.

While this is what I've been jamming out to this week, I want to note that I'll be releasing a playlist tomorrow full of Black musicians. I know that's not enough action and it's not all I'll be doing but I want to use it as a jumping off point for some major shifts on this blog.

From here on out I'm committing to featuring more Black and Indigenous musicians on weekly playlists AND artist interviews. I'll also be sharing resources on here too.I'm no expert but I will be sharing info from those who are. Please stay tuned for that.

I want to give a final shout out to the song "Smoke" on this playlist from London, Ontario band, Hiroshima Hearts. I'll be posting a new blog about the single on Sunday morning at 9am so dive into this tasty track.

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