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Welcome to Glasgow: The City Centre Mural Trail

Updated: May 29, 2021

One of the coolest things we did on our trip was check out the Glasgow Mural Trail. After scouring the web (and by the web I mean hours and hours spent in a Pinterest hole), we decided that checking out murals all over the city was a great way to see Glasgow. Home of some of the friendliest people and the tastiest food on the planet, we were not even slightly disappointed.

All contained within an easy walking trail, The City Centre Mural Trail was an idea brought to light by the city's regeneration team. Some are plastered in easy to find spots, but most are tucked into alleys and the back of buildings. First started in 2008, the City Centre Mural trail has exploded into an impressive collection of quirky, ethereal and whimsical art pieces scattered across the city.

Even more impressively, most of the artists who created the 22 murals spread across the city are in fact from or based out of Glasgow (with the exception of a couple of Australians from what I glean). Of course, with the short time we were in Glasgow we couldn't hit them all in one day but we definitely hit some great ones! Read on.

Honey I Shrunk the Kids by Smug

This beauty was one of the first pieces we came across. Towering above you, it's definitely a striking site to behold!

Glasgow's Panda by Klingatron

This wee panda is hidden in a back alley near a dumpster right near a big Glasgow shopping district. While it's not in the most appealing spot in the world, it's definitely a cool one to track down and snap.

Wind Power by Rogue-One

Rogue-One is a major staple on the mural trail, creating and helping to create a total of nine pieces. With absolutely stunning and surreal visuals, all the pieces are an absolute treat for the eyes! I especially loved this environmental piece.

Hip Hop Marionettes by Art Pistol and Rogue-One

This mural was my absolute favourite! Right near the city centre and Glasgow's City Chambers, this is a mural that truly captures the spirit of Glasgow: great music, kooky art, a little gritty and a whole lot of fun. According to Glasgow's City Guide to the mural trail, the artists were inspired by a Beastie Boys cover and a Run DMC rad is that?

If you ever make it to Glasgow, the Mural Trail is a MUST. I can't wait to go back as there are so many more to discover. Here's a link to the guide listing and a map too!

Peace, love & history.

P.S. This is one more super cool mural we came across, not part of the mural trail! I'm not sure who the artist is but if anyone can fill me in that would be great!

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