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Welcome to Kentish Town!

Updated: May 29, 2021

Our recent trip to Europe found us chasing a band across the U.K. on a whirlwind tour followed by a few days rest in our favourite European City, Cork, Ireland. Starting in London, England, we landed and headed out for the charming neighbourhood of Kentish Town.

A little edgier than your average London borough, Kentish Town is a thriving centre for unique local pubs, great music and independently owned businesses. Originally used essentially as a pass-through to Highgate, if you found yourself travelling through Kentish Town in the 17th century, the trip would have been quite dangerous. Highway attacks were common in this rough and tumble time but today you'll feel quite safe walking around.

Come the mid-1800s, Kentish Town became a hot spot for artisans and that hasn't slowed since. Wander the neighbourhoods of colourful homes and you'll see what I mean.

What We Did

We were only in Kentish Town two short days and a significant part of that was spent heading into downtown London to see the sites but a few cool things were accomplished:

Strolling the City

Kentish Town is mostly residential. The bright apartments (excuse me, flats), make the city seem happy and cheerful against typically grey English skies.

Catching a Show

We hit up a show at the Boston Music Room--- a lovely little dive bar with a cozy feel and tumultuous path. Read my blog on that.

Grabbing a Coffee

There are loads of places to get a great latte in Kentish Town...and finding them is extra fun! We ended up grabbing this beauty at a wine cellar.

What We Ate

Of course, where I go, I EAT. I just want to give a shout out to this lovely sourdough pizza from Franco Manca!

So all in all, if you're travelling to London and want to avoid the crowds, the high prices and want a bit more soul, check out Kentish Town!

Peace, love and history.

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