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2016 for the Hippie Historian

Hello historians and peace lovers alike…or anybody who happens to come across this blog.

This post isn’t particularly interesting but it is a look at what you can expect on this blog in the coming months as I make a move across the pond!

Historical and Musical Travel Writing

As of January 14th I’ll be travelling Europe for three months. Ireland, Iceland, Germany, Portugal and the Netherlands are all on my list! As a history major I couldn’t be more excited (or maybe honoured is a better word) to blog about the following places and more:

Cork City Gaol

The Anne Frank House

The Berlin Holocaust Memorial

Site of the Berlin Wall

and the random ones:

Cliffs of Moher

The northern lights

the giant pretzel and tasty schnitzel I plan to devour in Germany (I’ll keep it brief and image-heavy)

Catching Up

I also hope to catchup on some long overdue posts! I plan to post much more often (twice a week if possible). I’m mostly behind on concert reviews but also some regular posts including:

Glorious Sons- concert review

Riotfest- concert review

Rock the Park- concert review

David Wells- musical review

The Heidelberg Project

Third Man Records: Cass Corridor

The Oxford County Cheese Trail

I’m looking forward to a very exciting next few months and hopefully a year of very regular posts! Thank you to all my readers (especially those of you nice enough to read this boring ol’ post).

Peace, love and history.

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