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4 Reasons You Should Grab Tickets for The Glorious Sons' Tour in Canada during 2020

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Photo by Gavin Smith (@gavfrontrow). You can see me in the front row if you look really close!

As we speak, The Glorious Sons are making their way through the United States like a banshee. Starting in Harrisburg and currently moving into California, this group of dirty rock n' rollers is taking yet another swing at the American market and definitely making a big impact.

Come February 27th though, The Glorious Sons are back on home turf. They'll be kicking things off with a massive show at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto before dipping back down into the U.S.A. for two more shows then back into Canada and working their way from the west coast, all the way to Quebec by April. These are the shows I'm going to URGE you to see. Apart from the music being incredible and the band being one of the best current rock bands, here are four reasons why.

1. Black Pistol Fire is the Opener

Let's start with the first taste of music you'll get at these shows: opening band Black Pistol Fire. Seriously. These guys are rad as hell and you won't find another band that leaves it all out on the stage quite like them. This two piece, originally from Scarborough, Ontario but now living down in Austin, Texas is high-energy, bluesy and gritty. You can count on wanting more every time (that's my personal guarantee). Want to know more? Check out my interview with drummer Eric Owens from 2018.

2. Your Chances of Seeing Unreleased Music is Pretty High

The nice thing about The Glorious Sons is that their set lists are constantly changing. With a new album to tour with, The Glorious Sons have still been playing some jams that aren't on their album in addition to that. Be sure to listen for songs like I Want Ya, La Costa Nostra and covers of Love is a Battlefield, Praise You and more!

3. See the Music Breathe on Stage

Don't get me wrong, the music the band puts out commercially is awesome but it does not hold a candle to seeing it live on stage. Watch as the band interacts with each other, changes songs, fucks up and brings it all back around without fail. There's just something about giving their songs a little live air space that really brings it to life.

4. Ride the High of a Band on the Rise

Should I reiterate the fact that The Glorious Sons are one of Canada's biggest bands right now? That means their live crowds are unreal. First of all, a LOT of their shows sell out. Second, that love for their music makes the energy in the room insane. They've got a super dedicated core fan base that their label has really put at the forefront of a ton of marketing efforts. The crowd is multi-generational and is relatable to a whole slew of people. Top that all off with a wicked stage presence and you're in for a tidal wave of voices singing along and feeling the music.

Alright guys, I could probably keep going here but I won't. Go get your tickets! Let me know what show(s) you're going to catch in the comments.

Peace, love & history.

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