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5 Places You Have to Eat in Music City (Nashville)

Eating is perhaps one of the greatest pleasures of travelling. I think you can agree. Read on for my list of top five places to eat when you visit Nashville, Tennessee. Let me know what I missed and make suggestions in the comments below!

1. Fido

Fido is my absolute favourite spot to hit when I get to Nashville. Located in trendy Hillsboro village, their breakfast cannot be beat. Linger with the locals over coffee and a gourmet bagel, delicious scramble or fluffy pancakes worth writing home about.

I love: The hangover bagel with bacon, the wholegrain banana nut pancakes, the steak scramble

2. Jeni’s Ice Cream

Creamy, delicious and full of flavour, the ice cream at Jeni’s is a creation all its own. Unlike any other cone you’ve had, Jeni’s makes ice cream both a science and an art. Pick one of the four Nashville locations (ok I admit it, the ice cream originates from Ohio) and enjoy that sucker.

I love: The Intellegentsia Black Cat Espresso, Almond Butter Brittle, Poached Pear and Reisling Sorbet

3. Gerst Haus

Let’s face it. Germans know what they’re doing in the kitchen. Don’t expect anything fancy when you visit this place, just delicious and traditional German food. Feel refreshed with a classic German Pilsner in a frosted mug while stuffing your face with schnitzel and spätzle.

I love: The Berlin Schnitzel (apples and gravy) with a side of spätzle

4. Rosepepper Cantina

A fun night out with friends or a laid back date night begins and ends at Rosepepper in East Nashville. This colourful and vibrant Mexican restaurant serves up delicious comfort foods that hit the spot every time.

I love: The taco salad with the eatable bowl (ok I know that’s not the most authentically Mexican thing on the menu but it’s delicious nonetheless).

5. Hot Diggity Dog

No visit to Nashville is complete without a delicious, inventive hot dog from this small joint. While some prefer the trendier I Dream of Weenie van, the dogs are far superior at Hot Diggity. Served up with all sorts of flavour combos with chilli, baked beans, slaw and more- these bad boys hit the spot.

I love: The Nashville Dog (Mustard, Slaw, Pickle…hold the cucumber for me)

Did I miss anything? Where are your favourite places to eat in good ol’ Music City?

Peace, love & history.

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