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5 Under Appreciated Women in the Rock World

Let’s hear it for the ladies! As today is International Women’s Day, I thought it was time to shed some light on five bad ass women in the rock world who are completely under appreciated by mainstream radio stations, media etc. These girls have paved the way for many women to come and make me proud to be a part of their tribe.

1. Alison Mosshart- The Kills, Dead Weather

Photo Credit: Ryan Mueller

If there’s one person I’d like to channel more in myself, it’s Alison Mosshart. Mosshart, who leads two kickass bands as the only woman in each is an amazing performer. She exudes confidence, sexuality and power. Her voice is amazing and she seems like a nice person in real life (which is always refreshing). An incredibly talented songwriter, Alison creates music that is completely unique in a world of monotonous tunes. If you don’t know her already, I highly recommend jumping into the rabbit hole.

2. Ruby Amanfu

Photo credit: Crave Online

Ruby Amanfu has the voice of a damn angel. Like many others, I first discovered her when she was a backing vocalist for Jack White but have since ventured into her solo work. Her breathy, ultra-feminine voice spans an amazing range and is completely her own.

3. Emily Haines

Photo Credit: The Daily Beast

Repping for the Canadians (well, actually she was born in India but she’s a Canuck citizen), Emily Haines stands out in the music world. Her talk-sing voice, stellar dance moves and amazing lyrics make her work standout. Whether she’s fronting Metric, living it up in Broken Social Scene or doing her solo work in Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton, Emily’s music always hits the heart and the weirdo in everyone.

4. Brody Dalle

Photo Credit: Ryan Mueller

Married to Josh Homme of Queens of the Stoneage, Brody Dalle is SO much more than his sidekick. First of all, Brody fronted one of the best punk bands of all time- The Distillers. She’s also done vocals for Eagles of Death Metal, Queens of the Stonage and now her own solo work. Her angry, gravely voice and “I don’t give a #!*k attitude makes her a role model for girls all over in my opinion.

5. Emma Richardson

That time we got to meet Band of Skulls (that’s Emma on the right)!

Emma Richardson maybe isn’t an in-your-face power house like some of the other people on this list but I assure you she’s a talent completely her to her own. As a bassist and vocalist in Band of Skulls, Emma completely changes the sound of Band of Skulls. Lending a soft, eery sound to a band of complicated guitar licks and male vocals, she’s the secret ingredient.

Have a great Women’s Day!

So all you readers, I hope you had a great Women’s Day. Did I miss anyone? Who are the kick ass women in the rock world in your opinion?

Peace, love and history.

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