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Album #1: Deadbeat Graffiti- Black Pistol Fire

Released September 2017

Ok so this album actually just makes me super excited to talk about because it is not only my favourite album of this year, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to go down as one of my favourite albums of all time. It’s the kind of album that makes you believe in rock and roll again and knows its roots in the blues. It’s the kind of album that makes you want to jump and dance and thrash around one minute and drive around for hours alone the next.

Black Pistol Fire are a two piece duo originally from Scarborough, Ontario and their music is fucking awesome. Deadbeat Graffiti shows a bit of a shift for the band. While their other albums are just as raw and fantastic, this album has a more cohesive, complete feel to it. One song flows (or at time slams) easily into the next, even linking up lyrically. One track that CANNOT be missed is “Watch it Burn” which was actually recorded at two different studios.

In conclusion, if you pick up album from the list (just one!) this is the one.

Peace, love & history.

P.S. Want to know more? Check out my review for Spill Magazine.

P.P.S. Keep an eye out for my interview with Eric Owen (the drummer) in 2018!

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