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Back to It: Autumn 2018

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Welp! Summer holidays are officially over and as cottage season slows down and I frequent northern Ontario a little less I'm looking towards some exciting projects on The Hippie Historian!

1. I'll be doing a lot more video: we're talking lists, live video and more as well as a project telling the story of The Hippie Historian that's being created by Eloquent Graffiti.

2. More playlists: That's right folks- I've upgraded my Spotify account so I can share more of my favourite music with you. Check out the bottom of this post for one for back to school/work/autumn.

3. Interviews: I'm going to to my best to really amp up by interviews with artists (especially Canadian artists) to share. Check out one with Jane of The Real Shade in the coming weeks.

4. Historical Blogging: Don't go thinking I've forgotten my roots! I'll be sharing more Canadian music history as always.

Ok and as promised, here's my back to school/work/ welcome autumn playlist to enjoy!

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