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Family Ties: Siblings in the Music Bizz

There’s nothing quite like keeping it in the family. When it comes to the music business, there’s no shortage of sibling duos and trios. Read on for seven modern rock bands that feature siblings.

Colin & John-Angus MacDonald- The Trews

Photo Credit: Ryan Mueller

The Trews got their big break when they won a contest put on by a St. Catharines radio station and were signed. Since then, the band has had countless radio hits, a slew of albums and built a huge fan base.

Molly & Ryan Guldemond- Mother Mother

Photo Credit: Ryan Mueller (Molly on left, Ryan in the middle)

British Columbia duo Molly and Ryan started Mother Mother back in 2005 with their friend Debra-Jean (no longer a band member). Since then, the band has grown to five members and has toured the world. Check out the sibling love on the track "Baby Boy" of their new album, No Culture.

Brett & Jay Emmons- The Glorious Sons

Photo Credit: 94.7fm

Founded in 2011, Glorious Sons have made an awesome name for themselves on the Canadian rock scene. Kingston natives Brett and Jay Emmons show loads of brotherly love on stage and it’s easy to see the whole band is at ease with each other during performances. Their next album is set to release in June of this year.

Caleb, Jared & Nathan Followill- Kings of Leon

Photo Credit: Rolling Stone

Unlike other bands on this list, Kings of Leon is exclusively family. Made up of three brothers and their cousin Matthew, Kings of Leon is quite the family affair. Their father was a preacher and that sound definitely comes across in their music.

Jonny & Colin Greenwood- Radiohead

Photo Credit: Rukkus

On the scene since the mid-eighties, Radiohead’s brother duo Jonny and Colin have clearly crafted the sound of the band. With Colin on bass and Jonny on lead guitar (along with several other instruments), the two have backed lead vocalist Thom Yorke for a long stretch.

Matt & Brad Schultz- Cage the Elephant

Photo Credit:

There ain’t no rest for the wicked…and that includes brothers Matt and Brad Schultz who front Cage the Elephant. Hailing from Kentucky, these brothers were parts of other bands in high school before forming Cage the Elephant to huge success.

Win & William Butler- Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire is a massive band (6 plus 6 touring members to be exact) so it’s no surprise to find siblings in the mix. Win originally formed the band with Owen Pallet (touring member and collaborator) in 2001 and the band has grown! The advantage? You should see all the instruments a band like that can play! Seriously under rated in their homeland of Canada, Arcade Fire is appreciated big time through out the rest of the world.

Honourable Mention: You’re probably wondering why I didn’t mention Meg and Jack White. Let’s clear something up right quick. Meg and Jack are not siblings. That was a story fabricated by the band. They were married but have both remarried since. In fact, Jack got ordained and married Meg to her new husband.

What do you think readers? Of course there are the obvious: Beach Boys, AC/DC, Doobie Brothers etc. Did I miss any of your favourite modern rock bands with siblings? Let me know in the comments below!

Peace, love & history.

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